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Owl’s Tips for Year-End Part 1: Account Summaries for Clients

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As we head towards year’s end, we wanted to offer some tips on how to get organized with Owl Practice. Previously, it mayhave been difficult getting all of your accounting data in order for the right parties, at the right time. With Owl, however, it’s incredibly easy! Over the next couple of posts, we’ll  provide a quick orientation to how to easily create summaries for your clients, and also how to prepare for year-end financials and tax preparation for your accountant.

Account Summaries for Clients

After the end of the year, your clients may request summaries of their appointments and payments to you for tax purposes. There’s a very easy way to do this on request for your clients using the Account Summary feature. Here’s how you create a summary for a client:

  1. Head to the client’s profile, and click on Account Summary in the menu item (just under Record Payment).
  2. Enter the from and to dates for which you’d like to summarize the client’s activity with your practice.  Typically this is for the entire year.
  3. Click Create to generate a PDF of the client’s account summary for that time period.
  4. Email, print, or save your client’s summary as a PDF.

Owl doesn’t store the Account Summaries anywhere as they are a snapshot in time and change over time as new activity happens on a client’s account. That’s it!

Next time, we’ll give you advice on using Owl to bundle your data together for that vital end-of-year package to send to your accountant! There’s a bit more to it, but you’ll still quickly and easily be able to get your data ready to go!

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